Mix Pack Principiantes

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The Beginner Marijuana Seeds Pack. We offer our best Automatic cannabis seeds for home growers. Choose between 6 mix pack (2+2+2), 12 mix pack (4+4+4) or 18 mix pack (6+6+6).

6 semillas por 29€ | 12 semillas por 49€ | 18 semillas por 69€

Nuestra colección de semillas automáticas para principiantes:

  • Cheese Automatic Seeds: Cheese Autoflowering bud gives a relaxing and sleepy effect with a medium to intense high 
  • Blueberry Automatic Seeds: A best-seller, blueberry genetics produce uniquely light blue cannabis plants that are dripping in THC and CBD. 
  • Northern Lights Auto Seeds: With automatic flowering seeds, all you need to do is provide light, feed and water the plants to get an amazing crop.
*Packaging only available in local grow shops. We send a discreet envelope for online sales. 
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