Mix Semillas Alto THC

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6 HTHC MIx Pack
The High THC Marijuana Seeds MIx Pack. Choose between 6 mix pack (2+2+2), 12 mix pack (4+4+4) or 18 mix pack (6+6+6).

Get 6 seeds for 29€ | Get 12 seeds for 49€ | Get 18 seeds for 69€

High THC Cannabis Seeds Mix Pack:

  • Girl Scout Cookies’ THC content is so high that this strain has won Cannabis Cup and multi-panel awards across the planet. There is no doubt that this strain is one of the best at easing pain, nausea and appetite loss associated with severe medical problems. Additionally, this is a great strain for boosting the mood, lessening the effects of stress and focusing and calming the mind. 
  • An Indica Cup Winner, Shiskaberry is a favorite of indica lovers worldwide. Famous for it’s sweet, strong berry flavor and intense body high, this is a strain that is great for making extracts or simply for smoking. Because of its strong medical properties and great taste, this strain is spreading in popularity around the world. 
  • One of the most powerful strains, Critical Purple is an indica strain originating in the Kush Mountains. Famous for its extremely high THC count, this strain is one of the most powerful in the world.
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